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Sara Rosenfeld
Sara Rosenfeld

“As a recent graduate of a Toronto-based Masters program, Vestiigo was my go-to resource. Using Vestiigo daily allowed me to find exactly what I was looking for immediately after graduation-and helped me find the perfect job for me!! If you're job hunting and you're not using Vestiigo, you're doing something wrong.”

Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali

“Vestiigo does an excellent job of catering to its target market- young, career-savvy professionals. It generates resourceful content and nurtures stimulating conversations around them. What's most commendable about Vestiigo though, is the people behind it- powerhouses of passion and dedicated to connecting the right people to the right employers. Thanks to Vestiigo, I was fortunate enough to kick-start my career at a company where everybody I work with are friends, and no is never an option!”

Review recommendations in your network

Penny Farinha, Recruiter at FreshBooks

“FreshBooks has been using Vestiigo for over a year and are very happy happy with the results. Candidates are well matched to our positions and highly qualified in their field. I'd definitely recommend using Vestiigo if you're a software company in Toronto hiring junior to intermediate level candidates for a variety of positions.”


Me To We Style
Gabriela L., Director of Strategy and Business Development at Me To We Style

“At Me To We Style we just recently started using Vestiigo and have already seen exceptional results. The quality of applicants was great and it really helped us shorten the recruitment process. Our last three positions were filled by Vestiigo applicants and they have proven to be great company fits. Furthermore, Tim's fast responses and presonalized approach make him great to work with. We look forward to keep using Vestiigo for all our recruitment needs.”


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See how Vestiigo helps you make the connections that matter. This is the story of Vestiigo member Ramiro, and we helped him find the career he'd been waiting for.